Polymer Jewelry Making Workshop

In this 2 - 2.5 hour workshop, you'll explore the accessible world of DIY by creating your own colorful handmade polymer clay beads to be strung as necklaces or designed into earrings!
This workshop is for anyone looking to be creative, have fun and create your own jewelry. Open to all ages. Focused more for polymer beginners but all are welcome!
During the workshop, we will first chat about polymer clay (a type of hardening clay that can be shaped and then baked in the oven) and what makes it so fun (and easy) to work with! Then we'll learn about some of the tools & different techniques used in bead making as well as a handful of different types of beads; such as the round bead, the disc bead, and one of my favorites, the lentil bead. There are also metal cutters to create different types of geometric shaped beads. Finally, we'll peek at some helpful handouts for inspiration before you dive into designing & creating your own colorful handmade beads and transforming them into your very own jewelry!
(all materials provided)

Upcoming dates:

Maker's Loft- stay tuned!
 Messy Nessie's Studio- stay tuned!

 I am also available to bring my workshop to you! Please contact me with inquiries.