I love to wear and create jewelry. I enjoy the colors, styles, shapes and how it can compliment not only what you wear, but also your personality and true self. I see jewelry as an extension of you. 

As long as I can remember, creating with my hands has taken many forms. As a child, my creations ranged from a paper mached crocodile bride with fake diamond teeth to a book titled "Tinky Goes to Australia" about a cat and his adventures with his animal friends. As an adult, I watercolor in the woods, create driftwood mobiles for my home, and doodle stars & cactii when possible. Regardless and most importantly, I have fun.

My one of a kind (and small batch) pieces are created with excitement & love. I currently have three main collections (Stone, Metal + Wood, Clay Bead and Polymer), though I always like to try new materials. As you will see most of my pieces are simple, as I believe that the colors, textures and materials speak for themselves. 

I gather inspiration from my day-to-day as well as in nature: colors seen when camping in the woods & desert, shapes I spot walking down the street, designs in my head when driving or settling in for bedtime. Whatever the location, I try to always have my handy sketchbook ready when I need it.

As a maker, I always try to support small, local business and fellow makers when purchasing my materials, as well as repurposing when possible.

I hope you connect with my pieces and enjoy rocking them as much as I enjoyed making them!